qeubee Terminal

Launched in 2013, qeubee is the first information platform that consolidates real-time bond prices from all five China money brokers. As the most comprehensive China fixed income information tool, qeubee provides extensive support on various divisions of financial institutions. It empowers traders, portfolio managers, analysts, risk managers, compliance officers and regulators alike.

Why qeubee

  • integrating quotes from all financial brokerages
  • providing a quick overview of bond details
  • acquiring the change of price immediately
  • customization of price alerts
  • comprehensive grasp of all trading opportunities in the market
  • simple and user friendly interface

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We provide optimal real-time quotes for market participants ranging from banks, securities firms, insurance groups, fund management firms to trust companies, bringing together an unprecedented community for traders and brokers to interact with convenience and efficiency.
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  • Optimal Quotes

    qeubee integrates the real-time quotes in the bond market from all domestic brokers, analytically and smartly extracting the optimal price. It enables users to broadly acquire and search quotes on the same page. The comprehensive coverage makes it possible for traders to openly search for trading opportunities.

  • Watchlist

    qeubee contains sections that allow traders to target and manage bonds specifically, which is very convenient for tracking price changes of the bonds of interest. The price alert system alerts users of trading opportunities according to their criteria as they appear.

  • Market Trends

    qeubee records changes of the optimal quotes in the market immediately and reflects all actual trading records. It focuses on providing valuable reference information for traders and helps them locate the market prices as they appear, thus providing every possible trading opportunity.

  • Bonds Information

    The powerful bond database provides traders with a fully detailed overview of bond fundamentals, allowing users to predict the market with regards to the issue dates of bonds, present valid quotes in the market, and the actual trading data, equipping them with the information to make the best decisions.